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Dot Personnel Services Jamaica Limited has been providing outstanding service to the business community since its inception in 1971.
The objective of the company is to satisfy employers human resource needs and to assist applicants in securing meaningful employment.

Employers, whatever your personnel needs may be, DOT can assist you in meeting your target.

Our Range Of Services Includes:

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Temp-to-Perm
  • Interim, Contract and Permanent Personnel

Areas Of Focus:

Dot Personnel has highly skilled and motivated personnel with experience to meet your staffing needs:

  • Management personnel
  • Accountants
  • Administrators
  • HR Specialists
  • Marketing Personnel
  • Information Specialists
  • Data processing & Data Entry Operators
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Secretaries
  • Clerks
  • Receptionists/Customer Service Reps

Assessment, Testing and Evaluation in association with Candidate Resources Inc

Good Reasons For Using Dot Personnel Services

  • Clients save on the high price of absenteeism. Dot invoices only for the work performed.
  • Clients save on turnover and recruitment costs. Dot handles all turnover and recruitment costs - no need to pay for flexible lifestyles and population mobility.
  • Clients save during low business periods by using temporary help on an "as needed" basis. When business is down, so are concerns about high payroll expenditures.
  • Clients save on over time. Productivity studies show that the longer the hours, the slower the production rate. By using Dot Personnel, business can save on high overtime costs and still maintain peak production rates.
  • Clients save on Training cost. Dot has immediate access to skill clients require, thus saving time and money spent on training.

The most important reason for using Dot Personnel Services - your costs stop when the job ends.

Our Temporary Personnel Assist The Businessman As Follows:

  • Doing the work of absent employees and when there is extra work.
  • Handling specialised jobs and emergencies
  • Stocktaking
  • Updating files
  • Meetings and conventions
  • Assisting firms to expand without the additional costs of full-time employees
  • Motivating existing employees.

For just a nominal fee Dot puts at your disposal a number of temporaries until the right person is identified to permanently fill the vacant slot.

During an employee's probation we can cover salary etc., until you are confident the person is the one suited for the particular job.

We also conduct special interviews on your behalf, thus avoiding congestion on your premises in reponse to job vacancies.

When your valued employees, wish to continue working after retirement age, we will put them on our payroll and reassign them to their former positions in your firm.

You don't have to risk losing a good recruit by waiting on head office approval. Once reference etc.. have been processed, put the recruit to work and let us pay their salary.

Contract and Permanent Personnel

Dot specializes in matching the right person to the jobs. Dot Personnel's recruitment methods, network of contacts, enormous variety of qualified candidates and indepth assessment techniques, give Dot Personnel an edge that is beyond the scope of many human resources department.

We are dedicated to bringing people and companies together in a positive working relationship through professional services which benefit both client companies and candidates - the goal is a mutually satisfying employment relationship.

Quality Control

The search process can be exhaustive in nature and varies based on complexity and geographic scope of the assignment evaluations. We expect clients to provide us with specifications to initiate the process.

  • Interviews with human resources/hiring manager.
  • Advertising.
  • Assessment evalutions and interviews with potential candidates.
  • Personality Testing.
  • Negotiations on behalf of clients and candidates.
  • Scheduling and preparing clients and candidates for interviews.
  • References checks.
  • Continuous follow-through after placement.

Our consultants display a personal approach to the process by identifying people with "Soft" and "Hard" skill sets best suited to a position and offer a guarantee period on each assignment. In the case of Temp-To-Perm the client company advises Dot that the assignment may lead to temporary assignment and a release for permanent employment.

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Dot Personnel Services (Ja) Limited
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